The Journey

Back in my homeland, the Netherlands.

My journey into the world of work began at a tender age, back in my homeland, the Netherlands. After various roles in supermarkets and holiday resorts, destiny led me to a summer job in the picturesque Lloret de Mar. It was during those memorable years that I discovered my knack for promoting events. Simultaneously, I was diligently pursuing my studies in international tax law at the prestigious University of Groningen.

Entrepreneurial Voyage

Subsequently, I embarked on an exciting entrepreneurial voyage in the Netherlands. Our venture quickly gained momentum, evolving into an internationally recognized enterprise.

Alongside my dedicated partners, we derived immense satisfaction from diversifying our business portfolio. Today, our ventures span across diverse domains, encompassing boat rentals in Ibiza, real estate investments in the Netherlands, a thriving gas company in Poland, and even a flourishing sales operation in the United States.

Present Day

In recent times, we’ve been transitioning towards a more hands-off approach, entrusting capable individuals to manage our established ventures. This enables us to stay vigilant for fresh opportunities in the ever-evolving world of business

Street view of a tall business building associated with Gaet Investment Holdings.
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